Urban House


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The intimacy of that moment and the atmosphere that Timba created were more complex than any other thoughts that crossed Asem’s mind at that moment. Asem withdrew from the place. While looking at the children’s faces covered with all colours of beauty, he recalled a saying that he had learnt when he was a teenager. He also wrote it down in his study books. It reads: “The children of the whole world mean nothing to me if our children don’t have a decent life.”

Asem did not remember who said it or why many youths kept repeating it at that time. He noticed how absurd or empty of any human aspect this saying was. They should have repeated other sayings, like: “To hell with the governments in the world if they fail to protect our children from oppression, hunger, and deprivation.”


المقاس 14*20
عدد الصفحات 256
تأليف طلال أبو شاويش
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الناشر مكتبة سمير منصور للطباعة والنشر والتوزيع
الكود ISBN 978_9950_04_303_9
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